Monday, February 18, 2008

sleeping arrangements

Striped sheets by Target, quilt by my grandmother, pillow arrangement by M. and S. Ramsey... It's funny, we moved to this 4 bedroom house when we had one toddler and one on the way knowing that we eventually wanted to have 3 children. Each could have their own room, etc. Not only do the older two not want their own room, they don't want their own bed! Their talented daddy built them beds of their own, yet they continue to sleep together in one bed (usually snuggled up or touching in some way.) May they always feel this connected. I think it's beautiful.


Stephanie said...

You know, I'm very impressed you're able to blog every day with three children! I have one and it's sometimes a struggle to blog every week!

maryann said...

Hey!! Thanks for finding good to see your girls and catch up on your day to day activities.
I love sisterly love---it is precious.