Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lost in Translation

This was our conversation today:

Me (talking to myself) - "what time is it?"

Sophie - "it's P o'clock"

Me - "what?"

Sophie - "P. it's P o'clock, Mom"

Me - "okay, so it is"

Thank you, Lord, for my babies. They are so weird and wonderful.


Eric & Rebecca said...

I love your blog! Your girls are so beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures and read more stories!

Alissa said...

Kids say the weirdest things. . . You gotta love it!

Alissa said...

To answer your questions (and I have the same for you!) Erin and I got married in 2000. We met when we both got jobs at the same school district as high school science teachers. He did not go to HU. Kalista is 4 and Isaac is 2. I love motherhood, but snow days drive me crazy! We are in the midst of another one. At least Erin is home for this one!

Gina Savage said...

I love reading your blog!!!! I must of been reading out loud about Jeff having Lasik on his eyes. Gracie asked why his eyes where sick? Thanks for making us laugh and remember the good ole days of HU.


Gina Savage said...

I'm hooked on this blog thing to the point I feel like I'm neglecting my children. How terrible is that! I think I figured out how to create and post a slidshow. Thanks to April (Travis) Segadi. Let me know if it works. You've got to get Jenny blogging. Jenny Hutchison is on my list check hers out.

Hugs to all