Monday, November 3, 2008

Stuff we think is cool ... Nov. '08

Currently, we are obsessed with ...

  • Spookley the Square Pumpkin. I'd never even heard of "square pumpkin" before this year, but let me tell you - he is it on a stick around here.

  • All things Tinkerbell, of course.

  • Our Christmas Countdown on the computer! Sophie and I love us some Christmas Cheer and spent almost an hour on-line yesterday, looking at lawn decorations. We think we have it narrowed down to a sparkly snowman (my fave) or a penguin. Because nothing says "Christmas Cheer" like a penguin in your yard.

  • Trying out new potato soup recipes. I found one that uses cream cheese instead of milk and it's our new favorite. Still not quite as good as Colton's, though!

  • Making funny faces.

  • Dum Dum suckers. Um, I do not share this obsession with my children.

  • "Spicy" candles

  • Eliza's new obsession - chocolate!

  • These songs: Alien in My Nose, Pop Fly, Jump Up, Pollywog in a Bog, and... the Dora theme song. You can't beat the classics.

Shout out to Mrs. Harr. Can you tell what these are? Thanks for the little bit of joy you sent us!

And, finally, am I the only one glad that Halloween is over? We had way too many festivals and such this year! Jeff and I dressed up. He went as "Handsome Daddy of 3" and I went as "Mommy in Need of a Haircut". (which is an improvement over last year's "Puffy Lady Who Just Had a Baby")

One last photo. This was a non-Halloween-related fall activity. (and I say, "hallelujah" to that.)

Our Sunday School Class did a Hayride. It reminded me of the old function days, although instead of holding hands under a quilt, I was holding little girls who weren't so sure about this whole hayride business. Of course, they ended up LOVING IT. Really, who doesn't?

51 Days til Christmas!!!!!!!


Heather said...

ok, hide the dum dums, but give them the chocolate cake?? Seriously girl, the dum dums aren't that bad!

Stacy said...

as always, you keep me in stitches. I miss hangin' with you Mrs. D (Facts of Life Pun there). Your girlies are so gorgeous and since I am just now reading your last post too, Happy Birthday Miss Eliza Jane! And, although I feel blessed beyond measure to have the joy and priviledge of being a mommy to both my sons and my daughter, I know what you mean about having all one gender. Remember, I was the only person in the universe that Ruby Kate was going to be pink instead of blue. I wanted a houseFULL of boys! It was what I knew and what I loved. Now, things are different, but I never assume people want the opposite gender of what they have. I hated it when people said "I bet you want a girl" and so I would say. "nope. just a baby will be great" I bet being sassy is what got me that girl! Now I get to be sassed for the rest of my life.

Kim said...

Well, I love your Halloween costume-you and I could have gone as twins-this year and last year!!
You are hilarious-come to NC and hang out.
Glad you like the cookies!

Deborah said...

As always, I got a great chuckle from reading your blog!

AMEN to the comment that Halloween is over!! I love Thanksgiving and Christmas.