Monday, November 24, 2008

10 things Monday

Today, I am thankful for:

  1. Ballet is over until January! It's fun! It's cute! It makes me have to get dressed on Mondays, which was previously known as stay-in-your-jammies-and-catch-up-on-laundry-all-day day. Woo woo, I get my Mondays back. Until January.
  2. Finished my alterations ahead of schedule. Now I can sew for ... you guessed it - funsies!
  3. This bowl of maple and brown sugar oatmeal that I am eating at 10:30 p.m. I felt like I was starving. (notice, Mom, I didn't say I was starving. My mom told me never to say that, folks.)
  4. My sweet husband who is snuggling a little girl with an earache on the couch right now. She looks content for the first time in about an hour.
  5. We had chicken tortilla soup (Jenny B's recipe) for supper tonight. There are never any leftovers!
  6. I don't have to pack lunches tomorrow. It's Thanksgiving feast day at the girls' school. (probably from Chik-fil-a. They love some chik-fil-a at the First Presbyterian Pre-School)
  7. Fuzzy socks.
  8. My kitchen is nice and clean. Even the floor is mopped!
  9. Clean sheets. It's clean sheets day. No bugs in there today!
  10. Jeff has a short work week. Hooray for him! One of these days, I'll have one of those ...


Anonymous said...

As much as I like her doing ballet, I am excited for the break too. Sounds like I need that soup recipe!
Kim Childers

Jenny said...

I'm also excited about not packing lunches. Maybe I can actually get the girls to school on time tomorrow! (because that is, of course, the only reason we're ever late! ha!)

Heather said...

Holly is staying home today...slight fever, no symptoms. She will miss the chick fil a!!!

Andria said...

Oh, ballet! Sounds so much fun!

Amy Barrett said...

Funny about the bed bugs :) I'm diggin no lunches this week too AND not having to get up in the morning! Sleepin' in baby!!!! woohoo.