Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

It's another thankful list!!! Tired of these, yet? Too bad! :)

  1. Mad's awesome teachers this year. They are just so good to my little girl it chokes me up.
  2. I get to see my Abby and Jude tomorrow!!!!! I miss those babies.
  3. And, I get to finally hold my youngest nephew, Gabriel. (formerly known as Ike. Long story.)
  4. The Wal-Mart wasn't all that busy tonight.
  5. We live close enough to our family that we can drive to visit them. I've got to stop taking this for granted!
  6. Hot chocolate. Ahhhhhhh........
  7. Barrett's funny little e-mail today. I needed it.
  8. Mom's health is improving! I'm so glad because she loves her some holidays and I was going to be super sad if she didn't feel good.
  9. Pull-ups at night time. You know, just in case.
  10. Black Friday is coming!!!!!!!


Stacy said...

you know yours is my favorite blog right? but don't tell :)

Heather said...

stac, you know we read your comments, right?