Thursday, October 2, 2008

7 Random Things

I've been tagged.


And you know I love it, folks. Just one more reason to make a list!

7 Random Danna Factoids:

  1. First thing I wrote on my to do list today was, "write to-do list".

  2. I base the success of my runs on how stinky I am when I get home.

  3. I love cream cheese so much, I have been known to lick the excess off the knife.

  4. I have a phobia about bugs in the sheets.

  5. After dropping off the girls today, I was buckling Baby Eliza into her seat and thinking about how we would turn her seat around soon .... and started crying. Right there in the First Pres. parking lot.

  6. I wish ... I had a fancy sewing machine.

  7. The pregnancies made me belly get poochy and my rear-end disappear.

Now I tag all you bloggers who say you have bloggers' block!

Some photos:

Dancing with the Poops "What exactly are you doing there, girls?" says Eliza.

Playing their new favorite game - "sleepover".


CB said...

I totally understand the bugs in the sheets fear. For years I would just tell myself that it was in my head, until in Dec. of 2005 Earle and I were staying in a Holiday Inn outside of St. Louis, and I thought I felt something and ignored...I kid you not, the next morning I realized I had slept with a MOUSE in the sheets, it ran over my shoulder and onto the floor when I was watching T.V.!! Now, I am paranoid again!

Dan said...

Pfaff Creative Vision?

I'll cover half


See ya in two weeks....with GREG AND THE CAMERA

Chandra said...

Once we went to a restaurant that served cream cheese with raisin bread while you were waiting and H ate the entire bowl of cream cheese on a spoon like ice cream. So I think he loves it that much, too! And bugs in sheets is terrifying.