Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2 Things

Alright, I have a couple of fun things to share today, kids.

Firstly ( "firstly" a word? Maybe I should say first off or just a simple first. Why must I be so word-fancy? Now, where was I ....)

I was nominated for an award! I was nominated for an "I love your Blog Award" by my friend Julie. She's a dollface and so sweet for nominating me.

Now, I get to nominate four more! (This is sort of like a big "compliment tag".) It's difficult to just pick four, because I read every single one of the blogs on my blogroll when I get the time. Even though... I am a terrible commenter these days. Sorry, friends!

  1. First blog I read a lot was Sandi. Her blog is a lot of things - sometimes funny, sometimes informative ... I've even shed a tear reading it. (And I hate to cry!) It's just a pleasant little blog.
  2. Second one I'd like to nominate is Chandra. Our lives are totally different : she is the mother of one son - I have 3 girls; she lives right by NYC - I live in podunkville; she has good hair - you get the idea. But, despite all that, I think we might share a brain. (or at least a personality!)
  3. Third is my friend Andria. She posts just about every day. Sometimes it's really goofy stuff and sometimes it's calm and reflective. Just like she is. :)
  4. And fourth is Miss Kim. Just to read her "story" alone is worth a look at her blog. It's a good one, trust me!

And speaking of Miss Kim, mother of 3 Harrs, I won a fun game on her blog recently. It's the Pay It Forward game! The first 3 commenters on this post will receive something fun in the mail from me. Then, they will need to Pay It Forward themselves by posting and rewarding the first 3 commenters on their blogs! See, isn't that a fun little game?

Have a great day!


Chandra said...

Awww, thanks for the blog award-- I love awards, and especially when they come with flattery! I love your blog, too! Now I'm posting a comment so I can get my special prize.;)

Andria said...

Thanks for the award, girlie! I love your blog, too. I like the goofy/calm observation you made. Pretty much sums me up! :) Love you, Gerts.

Jules said...

I loved seeing the blogs you enjoy!;)

Kim said...

Okay, I, too, have nominated you for a blog award on my blog. Check it out!