Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whoa -oh, here she comes

she's a man-eater...

Yesterday, while picking up the girls, I stopped and talked to a friend of mine.

Sophie, my innocent angel, took this opportunity to say, "Carson, if you want to come over to my van, you can give me a kiss." I'm pretty sure her eyelashes were batting.

Obviously, I said, "atta girl!" and patted her on the back.

Are you CRAZY?! That is NOT what I did!

I hid my head in shame and vowed no more Hannah Montana.

In other news, these teething fevers have made Eliza lose her mind.

And here's a photo of her walking for out of town family. Ignore the mess. She loves pulling things off shelves these days.

That is all. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go put scarlet letters on all of Sophie's clothing.


Kelly said...

Eliza and Dawson would be double trouble! If you read my latest post, you'll see that Dawson's into creating messes around our house, too! Sohpie's story cracked me up....I'm afraid you've got trouble on your hands, Danna!

Stacy said...

Your blog is my favorite. I told you that already right? I mean, I only read 3 other blogs, but yours is by far my favorite! (Just don't tell the other two gals:)

Jenny said...

Listen, they must be teaching those girls something at school. Lucy told me today that two of the boys at school are her boyfirends. And last night, she sweetly talked her friend Jackson into pulling her in her wagon, but only after he put her scooter away for her. There was also batting of eyelashes going on. He picked the scooter up over his head to further impress! Perhaps we should consider a convent for those two...

Kim said...

You are hilarious and it sounds like she and Kennedy could get into worlds of boy trouble together! (How funny!)
You mean pulling everything off of the shelf to cover the floor isn't playing? What a familiar sight.

Kim said...

No! Yes, Aaron Brister is one of my favorite childhood friends. I can't see parachute pants/breakdancing to this day and not think of him! He's such a great guy-which you obviously know!
Small world, huh?
How were we not friends?????

Chandra said...

Hahahahahahahahaha! She IS a maneater. I love how she said "you can kiss me" instead of the other way around. Go Sophie!