Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 Things Tuesday

Alright, peeps, I'm feeling wordy. . . Today I am thankful for:
  1. The dress I got for Maddie came in and it is twice as cute in person! Mads hardly ever gets new clothes, because a) she has cute hand-me-downs and I am way practical and b) she doesn't really care. But the mommy in me wants to make sure she gets something new every now and then. And, let's face it, I'm a sucker for chenille.
  2. Girls' Night Out. Needed it.
  3. A husband who encourages me to go to girls night out, before I strangle one of our fifty kids.
  4. I didn't cancel my dental appointment. I usually do (and always want to.)
  5. The girls are spending the night with my parents this weekend! It's called DATE NIGHT, folks.
  6. Got lots of errands run today.
  7. Sophie's new friends in her class. Today they met her at the door and grabbed her little hands and said, "c'mon, Sophie!" I don't really know why that made me feel so good. A mother worries, I guess.
  8. I asked Mad who she played with today and she said," I played with Paula!" It's good to know that she loves her teacher... but, um ... okay, I should be thankful that she had someone to play with and stop stressing about it.
  9. Finished two different Christmas dresses.
  10. All this sunshine has been beautiful. Wish it was cooler, but I live in the south. We have about 2 days of spring, 7-8 months of mosquitoes and then the bitter cold rain (otherwise known as the muddy jean-cuff season). Evidently we are still in summer, no matter what the calendar says.


Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Fun! What did y'all do for GNO?

Have a blessed week!

Jules said...

I wish we lived somewhere there was fall 8 months out of the year, 2 months of spring & 1 month of real winter. I can do without mosquitos & humidity/summer. If you ever find that place...let me know.:)
PS Your sister turned out well--be proud

Chandra said...

I am feeling the same way. I ask H every day when he comes home who he played with and he either says "I don't know" or "no one". I can't help worrying about it and barraging him with questions trying to get one asked the right way where he finally admits he has a friend. Still hasn't happened. Granted it's just the third week of school...