Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hiatus over, maybe

At the risk of sounding old farty....... things are different at the old Blogspot.

Let's see ...... 3 years...... and here are the changes:

(in list form, because some things NEVER change)

  • we now discuss inappropriate words, such as butt. (I whispered it, can you tell?  I'm so like my mother. :) )      Mom, is that a bad word?  No, dear, it's a boy word.  Oh no!  Even worse!  Yes, I know.....  judge away, judgers.  (sidenote, Blogger thinks "judgers" is not a word.  Feels good to be smarter than Blogger.)

Okay, that's really the only big change.  Kids are still dressing like rodeo clowns on their way to the ballet.  Hair still impossible to comb.  Life still feels impossibly blessed.  

Maybe I'll feel wordier tomorrow.  (sidenote: Blogger says "wordier" IS a word.  Huh.)