Friday, November 6, 2009

I want to m-m-m-m-marry you

B-Ba b-ba Bobbie Sue (written by Heather Eaton.)

Some thoughts on my beloved Oak Ridge Boys (or ORB, as they like to be called).

This was NOT a get out of your seat and boogie concert. Totally okay with that, I am an accomplished chair-boogier. And, I chair-boogied quite a bit. Love that my husband accepts this about me. It's possible that I look ridiculous.

The ORB is getting old. They are aging well, except for the bass singer who doesn't want to admit it. Hair doesn't get darker after 40, dude. Also, lose the perm. No offense. Great voice.

Experiencing "Elvira" in concert is very very close to congregational singing.

There was one woman who stood up after every song. We called her "ovation lady". She was impressive.

I was the youngest person at the ORB concert, tonight. The very cool thing was, I bet the crowd was at least 25% veterans. It was kinda like Branson.

Loved it so much.

p.s. I have a cheek-ache from all the smiling.

p.p.s. I have a crush on Joe Bonsall. Jeff knows and is surprisingly cool about it.


Deborah said...

Cracking up...

...and thanks to you, I'll be singing Bobbie Sue the rest of the day.

Kim said...

LOL! Awesome-I LOVED Elvira! You're right, you just can't help but sing along :)