Monday, May 24, 2010

Jesus is coming soon

Gonna try this blog thing for the summer.

So.... what's new?

Started potty training Miss Eliza Belle today.

She went 5 for 11. Not too bad for her first day.

If this were the major leagues, they'd be offering her a multimillion dollar contract for those stats.

And she went 2 for 2 when it came to number 2.

a hem.

Did I just discuss bowel movements on this blog?

Is this the dark side?

Moving on .......

Sophie turned 6 (with Eva Grace) and graduated kindergarten. Yep, she's been busy. Soooooo ready for the big school. Or, in her very own words, "ready to make all the friends at the big school". She's come a long way this year.

Maddie is playing t-ball for the first time. Doing really well for a 4 yr old, I think. (But, really, I'm her mom. Can't exactly be objective on this subject. And, no photos. Will work on it.)

And, one last story before I close:

Tonight, we were on our way home and turned the corner. In front of us were some beautiful sunbeams shining through the clouds .......

Sophie shrieks, "IT'S JESUS!!!! HE'S COMING DOWN!!!"


Beverly said...

That's so sweet, Danna! I've wondered many times when the sky was particularly breathtaking, if that's what it will be like when HE comes back. :)

p.s. - Discussing bowel movements is perfectly acceptable when you're blogging about potty training, but only in reference to the potty trainee, not anyone else. ;)

CB said...

I like your posts Danna, they make me laugh. Love the pic of you and Sophie. The girls are beautiful..that Eliza is such a little blondie! And I think discussing bowel movements is fine with me!

Kelly said...

Okay, Danna, you might just be inspiring me to start blogging again! I stopped when Owen got sick, and have wondered how to start again! I miss it!

Lisa said...

Yea for blogging!! I sooo love reading your blog. Gosh -your precious girls are growing so fast. It was so fun to get to see you (and miss Sophie) this spring. We'll have to together again when I can see all your girls. By the way, the #2 talk was cracking me up! And the fact that you were able to work that into the same post with a story about Jesus coming . . . even funnier.