Monday, January 25, 2010

time capsule - Mads turns 4

Madeline Claire Ramsey, Age 4

loves to watch: Dora, Super Why, and Barbie movies

could eat every day: hot dogs, cheeto puffs, apple cinnamon cheerios, and salad with ranch dressing

besties: Lauren Box, her sisters, and John Mark's mommy (random, but that's what she says)

interested in: Littlest Pet Shop, boots, doing flips, and all kinds of rain-gear

can usually be found: wearing dress up clothes

Maddie at 4 ... is a little fragile. She is sooooooo emotional! Is that normal for a 3-4 yr old? I was spoiled by my eldest because she is the most matter-of-fact child .... not too much drama when you are like that.

Mads' reasoning is that things scare her and that she'd just rather be with me.

*Big smile*

Not trying to raise a timid, co-dependent child but ....... when they say sweet things like that, I guess I'll let it slide for another year.


Heather said...

My second, is more like your first..and my first is more like your second..funny, huh?

Kim said...

LOVED catching up on your posts! Glad to have you back my friend!

ashleigh said...

hey, now--maddie has her reasons for naming me a bestie. we have a vibe. don't be callin' me random, sister!

john mark's mommy

Enigma said...

they r cute!

Faizan Amin said...

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