Friday, January 2, 2009

Ah resolution time. I love it.

You know why?

I like examining my life and seeing what is going well and what is just not working.
Also, and maybe more importantly, it gives me a chance to make lists.

So, lets not call these resolutions. Let's call these do-betters.

This year I'd like to do a better job of:

  • letting my kids get messy

  • reading the Bible, not just "Bible studies"

  • maintaining a hair-cut. Any hair-cut.

  • changing out of my pajamas to take the girls to school.

  • drinking water (I wish water tasted like coffee...)

  • being as enthusiastic about my faith as I am about Facebook

  • buying good shoes (except Old Navy flip-flops because I love them)
Alright, surely at least a couple of these I can accomplish. Sigh... we'll see!


Andria said...

I remember your "no Coke" resolution about 100 years ago. Also, I remember your Lent agreement (with yourself) in which you would listen to only Christian music. Ah, Lent. Each year I think of you!

Holly said...

I'm so glad you are back! Good luck with your resolutions. I usually keep mine about 6 hours...

The Collins Family said...

I like that - do betters!

ashleigh said...

no running resolutions??? :(