Monday, March 11, 2013

Pre-K Theology

We were driving home from school today, and Eliza got out her Bible (it was in the car).

What follows is a word for word conversation between E and Caroline Box.  (I couldn't make this up.  Ok, maybe if I was high or something.....)

E - I am going to read to you from Exodus.

C - Oh, no!  Not Exodus!  I want to hear the story of Caroline.

E - you mean the sleepover with Jesus?

C - yes, where my dad said I couldn't have a sleepover with Jesus and so I sneaked out of my house and came to your house with my blanket.

E - was that when I turned green and had to borrow Jesus' phone?

C - I think. I remember you making lots of phone-calls.

E - Caroline, do you think God is hairy?  I think he's a hairy God.

It's the hormones in all those lunchables, I tell ya.